I would like to share my experience of communication on an international dating site. Now that the result has been obtained and another new wave of life events in Germany is covering me , there is a desire to comprehend my experience by analysing the strategy and tactics of communication, perception errors, the complexity of creating an image and understanding the mentality of Western European men in order to help you Understand the Processes of Relationship, in yourself for their purposes and the means to achieve them.

When I decided to use the services of an international dating site, I turned to ladies I knew who had successfully communicated on the site and also successfully married. By that time they were already triptogether living abroad, occasionally visiting relatives in Russia.

I was interested in their tactics, experience and knowledge in the field of communication. My interest extended to everything – how to register correctly, that is, how to attract attention to yourself, which photos impress men more, and which pictures should be avoided, since the choice of pictures also determines the interest of which men (their intentions) they attract. It’s just that communication on the Internet did not interest me, I was looking for a meeting with a man, with a future husband.



I understood that the level of competition is high. I wanted not to reinvent the wheel, but to get practical and effective instructions, knowledge and first-hand experience from women who, through trial and error, came to the desired result.

Imagine my amazement when none of my good friends answered my questions. Only a few vague phrases and remarks, no specifics. From this, I concluded that personal experience and tactics of successful communication on an international dating site are not shared. Probably, each had its own reasons for this.

I will try to reduce my experience to a certain standard model of behavior into which everyone can and should bring their own uniqueness.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that the international dating site has very interesting and detailed instructions on how to register, what photos to upload, what to look for and more. You get very important information and support from the site. The site staff thoroughly tried for you, the articles presented are of particular value. Thanks to the staff who write these articles. You need to use this information and form general ideas about the effectiveness of communication on the site based on it.


International Dating Site

Today I would like to offer you a “feedback tactic”. This tactic involves an active search. Your conscious actions + feedback analysis (reactions of men). The feedback tactic focuses you on the result, promoting a flexible response to communication. The response interval during which you study the reaction of men to your actions before correcting them is 1-3 months.

Ideally, you have read and understood the information block on the website. Registered, posted photos, wrote information about yourself (it is important to emphasise your individuality, your peculiarity). Remember, you need to draw attention to yourself. At the same time, I advise you to also write a standard letter about yourself. About your preferences, give this letter maximum attention, and add humour to your story. The letter should glow with your sincerity, warmth, and create your one and only image. It is necessary to work hard on the content of this standard letter so that not only your photos. But also this letter arouses a desire to get to know you. Make an effort, write it in German. You can’t even imagine. How nice it is to receive letters in your native language. This alone is already a prerequisite for being kind to you, arouses interest and trust.

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In the active search mode, you send this letter to all. The men who are interested in you, of course. While addressing each by name, making the appropriate changes to the letter.

Next, you analyse the response of men. If the reaction does not suit you, you need to respond flexibly. Change the main photo and additional photos too. Write something new in the profile in the information about yourself. Make a correction in the standard letter. To be in the process, to act, not to sit back, but to go towards your goal. I have touched on only a small part of the iceberg in the sea of ​​information, the knowledge of which is necessary for a conscious and successful journey in the ocean of dating. You can apply this information in practice, or you can go your own way. Thanks for your attention!

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