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Recent Reviews ****SCAM ALERT****

This is a definite scam under a nicely built shell.First off, when you set up a profile it’s there FOREVER!

It gives you “optio…. More

david-paul - September 4, 2019 is a total waste of money is a total waste of money. Full of fake profiles. I assume years ago it may have been legit, but not any more. Just full of scammers trying to get your personal information to scam you….. More

searnealure5s - August 30, 2019
Don't use this site

Ive cancelled my profile but been details have been passed to someone receiving messages from unknown people…dont use this site!!!!!!

nemesbikk7j - August 30, 2019
Latinfeels is waste of time and effort

Save your money .. it’s a waste of time and effort. This site steals your money even thou you didn’t sign up. And after many complaints they refused to refund me

fluffycow0a - August 30, 2019
I just wanna warning

Hi Guys i just wanna warning your those sites anastasia,arabiandate and $#*! are scam. the women does exist, all you will do it is just waste you money bro. I was i memenber, its seems like you are ch…. More

nelilungaudk - August 1, 2019

It was the first time in my life to get online on a dating network, and although it I am quite experienced in using the Internet and Internet security, I didn’t check the site properly and the interfa…. More

ovadilh27 - August 1, 2019
Keep of this fake site

Keep of this fake site. somebody of the company answer your mail and not the designated lady. You pay a lot of money for nothing.

top100interegi - August 1, 2019
Don't waste your money on

I am convinced that most of the profiles of men on this site are fake. After more than 300 hundred matches they sent me, I received contact from only 2, and one of those was a scammer! I have sent mes…. More

elishabilso092 - July 13, 2019
Terrible experience with anastasiadate

I had terrible experience with this site! I have spent there 1500$ and then woman lied me and didn’t come to meeting in Kiev where I came special to her! I don’t advice this scam site anybody! If you …. More

ailsa129bell - July 13, 2019
Amolatina is Rip Off

This web site sends email thats not even to you after you pay allot money for it.They look though your personal email to some one you like and take out anyway to contact the person other then using th…. More

aileeve1923 - July 9, 2019