Words come up short while attempting to communicate the real love we share, however we will sure attempt! Barely quite a while back, Love Looks Like This Olivia contacted me inquiring as to whether my brilliant retriever Willow’s reproducer had any young doggies as she was needing her very own brilliant. I told her thoughtlessly DM’d her back telling her no, yet I would look out for her. Indeed, I reached out to a raiser out of Tennessee that had an unexpected litter, and I planned to get my mother one for her birthday.

Love Looks Like This

Months after the fact, I returned to that DM and told Olivia I was aware of an individual that was selling a brilliant. Not realizing that she wound up getting one from that litter, a while later we figured out that her brilliant (Howie) and my mother’s brilliant (Rosie) were siblings! We then, at that point, became distant and didn’t interface again until…

In May 2021, I got an advancement extend from my employment opportunity to move from Austin, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia where Olivia was likewise residing. Without realizing Olivia was in Atlanta, I acknowledged the advancement and dropped by and search for a spot to live. Olivia saw that I was visiting the area. We associated and in a flash realized we couldn’t at any point down the road go through a day separated, and we didn’t! It was history from that point.

Olivia and I met each other’s families – Love Looks Like This

and that is where our relationship truly took off. We are both family-arranged and having their help meant the world to us! Returning Olivia to Arkansas interestingly will continuously be one of my #1 recollections. This was the point at which I realized she was one day going to be my significant other unquestionably. Seeing her with my mother and sister like they have known one another for a really long time meant the world and more to me. That entire week in Arkansas was what I trusted and yearned for as long as I can remember. Every one of my kin in one put cherishing on one another, it couldn’t move beyond that!

Quick sending to Christmas 2021, I put my family down letting them know I needed to propose to Olivia — their responses were precious. With loads of blissful tears and embraces, I had the help of my family and that was all I really wanted. I then went to Olivia’s family and got their help and love, which had me elated with fervor. Much to my dismay Olivia was doing precisely the same thing and I clearly had no clue! Our families both then gotten on — we were arranging the EXACT same proposition!

We had an excursion arranged since January to go to Charleston, South Carolina in May to start off summer. Realizing I planned to propose in May on our excursion, I promptly began searching for Charleston picture takers. I tracked down Clay Austin who I quickly associated with to share my vision; entertaining thing is a month after the fact (and the SAME day), Olivia contacted the ArabianDate photographic artist she employed, Chelsea Paige, telling her a similar boat plan! It was so in a state of harmony that we told both of our photographic artists similar signals we planned to use prior to proposing.

Love Looks Like This We Both Planned a Surprise Proposal at the Same

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While all the Charleston arranging was going on. I realized I needed to astonish Olivia with something final after our proposition. Thus, I began to design a commitment party with all our love. Ones who drove and flew in from everywhere the states to meet us back in Atlanta. When we returned home from our excursion. Much to my dismay, I was returning home with a ring TOO!

Oliva Bennett and Lunden Stalling wedding bands – Love Looks Like This

Thursday, May nineteenth was really the greatest day of our lives. We both awakened and promptly had butterflies. The sum total of my thoughts was our 7 p.m. nightfall boat ride. Not realizing Olivia was having similar accurate sentiments. One of the most entertaining. Things was I would leave the lodging and tell her I was going to the vehicle to get something, and would simply go outside to call my mother about I was so anxious! All things considered, she didn’t answer in light of the fact that Olivia quickly called her to tell her she should have been quieted down since she was additionally apprehensive… We were in a real sense living similar definite sentiments without a solitary hint it was insane.

We learned later that Chelsea, Olivia’s picture taker, showed up first and said she was hanging around for the Stallings commitment. Then, Clay showed up just subsequent to let the chief know that he was likewise here for the Stallings commitment. The skipper let Clay know that there was at that point another photographic artist sitting tight for us on the boat, so that is unimaginable.

Indeed, Clay strolled down to see Chelsea and they immediately grinned and said, “Gracious my golly. This is a twofold proposition”. From that point, the commander had both Chelsea and Clay in cruising shirts and presented them both as team students. I knew who Clay was clearly, however believed that Chelsea was only a piece of the team. Olivia was thinking the specific inverse. Mud was in a real sense at one point cruising the boat, so she was certain he was a piece of the group.

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Around 30 minutes passed and I did my signal to Clay, and requested that Olivia be my for eternity. With a ton of tears, kisses, and embraces. She takes a gander at me and says, “Lunden stand by.” I am so confounded as of now. I really thought Olivia, as far as one might be concerned, didn’t have my ring yet. Two, I was persuaded she was proposing on my family excursion in August. Not a chance! She pulled my ideal ring right out of her dress pocket. And I quickly hit the floor of the boat (see picture).

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