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Looking for love can be a daunting task, but with, it doesn’t have to be. As a premier online dating platform, provides a comprehensive, user-friendly experience for singles looking to find their perfect match. In this article, we’ll explore why is the go-to destination for those seeking Love online, and how you can use it to boost your chances of finding a meaningful relationship.

Easy Sign-Up Process

One of the best things about is the easy sign-up process. It takes only a few minutes to create a profile, and you can start browsing potential matches right away. All you need to do is enter your basic information, such as your name, age, and location, and you’re ready to start searching for your perfect match.

Comprehensive Profile System

Lovinga com also offers a comprehensive profile system that allows users to create detailed profiles that showcase their personality, interests, and values. With the ability to upload photos and videos, as well as answer a variety of questions about yourself, you can give potential matches a complete picture of who you are and what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Advanced Search Options

To help you find your perfect match, offers advanced search options that allow you to filter potential matches based on a variety of criteria. From basic filters like age and location to more advanced filters like education and income, you can narrow down your search to find the exact type of person you’re looking for.

User-Friendly Interface also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use. Whether you’re browsing potential matches, sending messages, or updating your profile, everything is straightforward and intuitive. This means that you can focus on finding your perfect match instead of struggling with a confusing website interface.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are top priorities at The platform takes extensive measures to protect user data and ensure that all interactions on the site are safe and secure. uses SSL encryption to secure all user data transmitted on the platform, including personal information and messages. This means that your data is protected from unauthorized access, ensuring your privacy and security.

Additionally, has a team of dedicated moderators who monitor the site and remove any suspicious or inappropriate activity. This includes fake profiles, scams, and inappropriate behavior, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all users.

To further enhance safety, provides users with a range of safety tips and guidelines for safe online dating. These include advice on how to protect personal information, how to recognize and avoid scams, and how to report suspicious behavior. also offers a “report user” feature, allowing users to report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior directly to the site’s moderators. This helps to quickly identify and address any potential issues, ensuring the safety and security of all users.

Overall, prioritizes safety and security, providing users with a secure and trustworthy platform for online dating. By taking extensive measures to protect user data and offering a range of safety features and guidelines, ensures that users can focus on finding their perfect match in a safe and secure environment.

Affordable Pricing offers affordable pricing options that make it accessible to everyone. With a free account, you can create a profile and browse potential matches, while premium accounts offer additional features like unlimited messaging and advanced search options. This means that you can choose the pricing plan that works best for you and your budget.

Final Thoughts

Overall, is a top online dating platform that offers a comprehensive, user-friendly experience for singles looking to find their perfect match. With a simple sign-up process, comprehensive profile system, advanced search options, user-friendly interface, safety and security measures, and affordable pricing options, has everything you need to find love online. So why not give it a try today?




Can I find single women for dating online?

Lovinga is the best platform for finding women for dating whether singles or married.

Do I need to pay for registering on

No, initially you don’t need to pay anything for becoming a part of this dating platform.

Can I hide my contact details like email address and phone number from fellow members?

Yes, you can certainly hide your details according to your requirements.

Who can join this dating platform?

Anyone who want to find friends online.

Is it a hookup platform online?

No, it’s not a hookup site. Instead, it’s a dating platform for contemporary men and women.

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Cancelled my subscription

Cancelled my subscription, tried to contact to complain as still taking my money, £2.99 a day and its coming out even though I have no use of my account, not replying to any messages on the chat or messaging service and no direct number to get hold of any one, absolute scam

Don't lie to people

This site advertises itself as a free dating website. You can then make upgrades with to see more features. This is false advertising. You can do absolutely nothing but make a profile for free. If you are going to make a pay only service then make it a pay only service. Don’t lie to people to get their information.

Not the type of dating site for me

Not the type of dating site for me. The one person I was interested in wasn’t even on this site. No one came close to what I was looking for. I signed up for one month and they kept me on and charged me for another month. Scam like service to me when they do that. They just go ahead and take your money without your consent if you do not unsubscribe. That’s where they get you!!!!

The site is unattractive

The site is unattractive and not very intuitive. The men I found interesting never answered or could not commit to a phone meeting. I think that a lot of the profiles are fake. Don’t waste your money. I have had more luck and more dates on free sites.

So not worth the money

I’ve been on this site for about five months now. With few exceptions, all of the “men” I’ve met on this platform have misrepresented themselves. Most ask me to leave the platform so we can communicate by email/text. Many say that they’re reaching out on behalf of a friend, boss, etc. I’ve not had any dialogue to speak of and no in-person meetings. So not worth the money.


I have experienced first hand and agree with all the negative reviews. If I could rate it ‘0’ I would! STAY CLEAR OF THIS SITE!

Women are fake

This dating site are so evasive , make it almost impossible to cancel , Be warned they will take money for months even after you cancel. It is best to use a credit card . never a debit card , you can issue a cashback with a credit card , They advertise as a free dating site , you sign up , then they hit you with alarming fees , moist of the profiles of women are fake

Total waste of time and money

Total waste of time and money. Hardly any matches, and any I did get were hundreds of miles away, 10 years older and 10 inches shorter. So many hoops to jump through when signing up and creating my profile, yet the matches are nothing like my preferences. Lots of fake profiles, and faceless people.

I have wasted my money

This app has very few Australians on it. I get lots of likes from people overseas, mainly America but very rarely see any Australian men as matches let alone any in the area where I live. I feel like I have wasted my money.

Stay away

Stay away. They are dirty rotten company with no morals or ethics that obviously have slave labor deceiving customers! BIG FAT WARNING!!!!

Another greedy scam site

Another greedy scam site that puts fake likes up so you have to pay to match them and guess what when you do they either don’t respond or dissapear… Should be reported to trading standards for fraud.

They didn't get back

I joined this site and initially had no issues. If you like a girl and they like you it’s a Match and the girl has to make the first move. Sounds sensible! The problem is you run out of people rather quickly so of course you delete your payment details so they won’t renew….. until they renew and take another payment. I’ve repeatedly written to their “customer service” only to be told by an automated message that their bees are very busy and will get back to me. They didn’t get back to me, closed my query and still haven’t replied to the subsequent query. I’m waiting a month now for a reply.

Just be careful

Will meet a few unsavoury men but might be lucky. Just be careful not to give out your information readily. Enjoy the experience. Who knows . You might find the one

I was lucky

I was lucky and found someone on this site. I never had to purchase any coins. Just by doing the carousel, I earned them. Still wish you could search by user name.

What a SCAM!

What a SCAM! I CANCELLED and better get my money back or I will make sure to keep posting reviews everywhere.

Total waste of time and money

Total waste of time and money. Many profiles are fake. Plus you will get alerts that someone sends you a heart, or smily face, but you can’t find out who it was or see their profile again.

Worst dating site ever

Worst dating site ever. Expensive, no local profiles. No one is ever online. Haven’t been able to talk to anyone in almost a month now.

Bad experience

Without a doubt this must be the most pathetic, I’ll designed, poorly managed site I have ever come across. A complete waste of money and time. Please save yourselves the bad experience.

Very dissatisfied with

They advertise this site as free. Not true! You can set up a profile and look at others but you have to pay A LOT to communicate to those on the site. Due to being very dissatisfied with their service I cancelled. Doesn’t phase then they still keep billing you! Stay away! Biggest ripoff! has the worst choices has the worst choices of men, they’re weird looking (like they just got out of prison) and the few good ones are fake accounts. I asked very early on to cancel my subscription and they never responded.

Save your Money! A Total Rip Off!

Save your Money! A Total Rip Off! makes you buy coins in order to establish communications with other members. Another thing I noticed about this website, is playing around with your messages. This is wrong! a total sham

I have found this a total sham or in better english… Fake. I can truly say they don’t care about customer service or profiling there image of a good respectful business.

Save your money & go elsewhere

Save your money & go elsewhere or try something different – actually approach people, use your connections & avoid those who hide behind the Internet looking for the love of their life.

Met some nice women through

More than just one site. While I had met some nice women through I’m still single. Ive gone on around six dates with three different women.

I've been on

This is the best dating site I found so far.I’ve been on for like 2 months. I have had four dates. Once you upgrade your profile you will have great possibilities.

Such a cool website

Such a cool website, was never that impressed by dating websites. I met 4 Hot girls in person thanks to Lovinga

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