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Tinder, for boys in Fail on Tinder the millennial era, is not just a means to interact with the opposite sex. Since its launch in 2012, Tinder has become a reference for those who want to get an instant date or even find a mate for the future.

The very user-friendly swipe left-swipe right method is the reason why Tinder is so popular in the world, especially among guys. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee your success in getting the attention of the girl you are after.

There are many mistakes that guys make on Tinder, especially when it comes to choosing a pick-up line , opening the line for acquaintance. dating group Well, Pegi pegi has collected a number of things that will make you fail miserably at getting girls on Tinder. Who knows it could be a review for you. Listen!

The happiest thing when you play Tinder is match with the girl you are after. Of course, as a guy, you start the conversation. Unfortunately, there are many cases where the girl feels ill with the boy’s first ‘attack’. Yep, absolute madness! Starting from directly asking where you live to offers to meet, the guy’s reckless attitude sometimes becomes a boomerang in itself.


The next mistake when using a pick-up line on Tinder is that it’s too  cheesy , aka tacky. Maybe, this doesn’t apply to the typical girl who is easily flirted with. But, when you’re targeting a girl who is classy and has a great sense of humor, pick-up lines like “Hey, do you have a map?.. Map to your heart?… Because I’m lost in your gaze” won’t go through! The one with the girl is illfeel.

8 Factors Why Guys Fail on Tinder

3. INTROVERT GIRL – Fail on Tinder

The initial factor is actually not your fault. When you match with a girl, for sure you will open a chat with the mainstay pick-up line “Hi, blah blah, nice to meet you” or “Wow, your photo is cute”. If the girl only replies “Ok” or “Thanks” you should be suspicious if the girl is a typical introvert. The problem is, not many guys know how to conquer or at least break the ice when chatting with introverted girls on Tinder.


With Tinder, you can meet all kinds of girls in the world. But, Tinder’s image is too broad, for some girls to have a negative view. One of the guys, sometimes they can only see from the physical. Not a few, you know, the guy who immediately shot the girl with an offer to date until bedtime that seems objective and this actually makes the girl uncomfortable.

5. FALSE WORDS – Fail on Tinder

Which girl wants to be lied to? Unfortunately, not all guys understand this. There are some of them who use Tinder just to spread their fakes. review In chat, say single . But the fact is already married, lies like that make you fail to get a girl on Tinder. Remember, girls have extraordinary stalking instincts. Your profile might be ‘stripped’ by them.

8 Factors Why Guys Fail on Tinder


There’s nothing wrong with doing trial and error on Tinder, you know. Especially about the structure of your conversation. There are some typical girls who don’t like being approached by guys with dense chat writing characters. However, there are also those who don’t like guys with too simple chat characters, aka ‘yes-no’ . For the first time, you try to choose a safe pick-up line first while studying the girl’s habits.

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7. LACK OF CHARACTER – Fail on Tinder

Have you written a long chat on Tinder, still being ignored by the girl? It means that there is something wrong with your pick-up line content. Most guys often have long chats on Tinder but don’t have any content. Starting from the trivial rags to the self-promoting PeDe, it can be an unforgivable blunder.


There’s nothing more wrong than pinning your hopes on Tinder. There are lots of people you can get to know. However, there must also be a review of whether Tinder is the right way to find a crush or not. Not a few guys are lazy to meet conventionally outside, preferring to linger on Tinder.

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