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You are in Love had a nice meeting, you have butterflies in your stomach but you want to know if you are really in love? Take the test, with Meetic!

Am I in love: the test

That’s it, you’ve finally had that beautiful encounter you’ve been hoping for for weeks. After a few exchanges on the chat, which led to a few video calls thanks to the Meetic app. You met, you talked, you stopped talking, and… you’re starting to seriously crack up. Whether you’re a girl irresistibly SharekAlomre attracted to this little blue-eyed blonde with a quirky sense of humor. Or you’re completely bowled over by the laughter of that tall brunette you had a drink with. There are signs that do not deceive. Yes, when you are in love. The world takes on a new hue, everything is lit differently. As if you had just put on a pair of rose-colored glasses.

But hey, there you go, part of you still hesitates. Are you really attracted? How much do you like this person? If you already imagine living together. Does that mean it’s the right one? So many questions that cross our minds at least once in our lives. When we have just started a promising romance. Because at Meetic. Love is a bit of our hobby, we’ve concocted a test for you to find out if we’re in love . Love may be different for everyone, but there are still signs that speak for themselves.

Love Test How Do You Know If You Are In Love

Signs that don’t lie

  • Before the meeting :

even before meeting you, after having come across the profile of your next great story. You had this little feeling that things could turn out well. A kind of intuition, which the fluidity of the exchange has reinforced. From the first messages exchanged, you felt like an affinity. An ease in communicating, and common points that brought you closer, a bit like magic. You started to wait impatiently for THE message of this girl or this guy who was starting to make you fall in love, even before you had seen each other. “ But tell me, you’re glued to your laptop right now! ” — says your best friend.

  • During the first meeting :

Inevitably, after days of chatting or on the Meetic App, the time has come to meet you “for real”. It is often a time when a lot of hopes crystallize… and tension. And now he or she has arrived, exactly as you expected (or almost). After an appointment spent on the terrace, at the museum or even at a cooking class (we told you that Meetic organized some?), you had a hard time parting. So much so that what was supposed to last two hours stretched over the whole evening. SharekAlomre.Com When you got home, you had a smile on your face, and you were already looking forward to finding him or her. That same evening, you were already texting each other to make sure you had all gone home safely — and to say goodnight?

  • The sequence of events:

The first date led to a second, then a third, and you start seeing each other regularly. You like this person , it’s undeniable, but you want to be sure of your feelings? In terms of love language, there are some unmistakable clues. Of these, the Lover will feel:

    • Palpitations just imagining the person he or she has feelings for
    • An almost irrepressible desire to be in contact with the person, whether by text or face to face
    • A kind of happiness just at the thought of this person’s existence — this is where the silly smile of the Lover often takes shape when he thinks of his or her beloved.
    • A strong physical attraction to the person when you’re together, and the urge to kiss them, hug them — and more.
    • The desire to do things together, to explore together, to share experiences. And to make the other happy.

So many clues that cover what is called “butterflies in the belly”, and which describe this state of happiness and (we are not going to lie to each other) a little stress which characterizes the feeling of love. With this inevitable question: Am I in love? Can a test tell me? In general, it is difficult to miss the feeling of love, as this feeling transports us and transforms us. If you project yourself with this person, that you want to share beautiful moments with them, and that they begin to take the place of “person number one” in your heart, there is a good chance that you are in love.

And the other, is he in love with me?

Yes, there are several tests of love! It’s one thing to wonder if you’re truly in love yourself, it’s another to know if the other loves you back. To know if the person in front of you is in love with you, you will have to show lucidity and objectivity to try to disentangle the signals.

  • Does this person seem to want to spend a lot of time with me? Face to face ?
  • Does she still seem happy to see me, and is she looking to create the occasion?
  • Do I detect a little nervousness when this person talks to me?
  • Does this person smile a lot in my presence, laugh at my jokes?


And if the relationship is already engaged. But the feelings have not been evoked, you will also have to ask yourself the right questions. Is this person being tender with you? She listen to you carefully? Does she have any cute little touches for you? Talk about joint projects? Do you feel a reciprocal physical connection? So many questions that only time and experience will allow you to answer. Ah, the game of love and its tests, it is sometimes more complicated than it seems.

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