How to Make Love Well?

How to Make Love Well?

Make Love Well: everyone does it, everyone talks about it… Except that these are just words. In reality, there is necessarily a first time and then there are also times in life when you need to update your knowledge. Have you met someone who makes your heart beat and you want to know how to make love? All in your honor ! No hassle, we help you on the way to fulfilling love.

Whether you are a man or a woman, making love well to the being you want and love is necessarily close to your heart. Indeed, what better way to show your affection than to give pleasure to the person with whom you share the nights? In addition to being attentive to his or her partner YourLatinMates , there are necessarily some “techniques” to make love well. Even if, be careful, in this area, all tastes are in nature! Wondering how to make love to a woman properly ? Or how to make love to a man ? Meetic gives you some tips for sharing caliente moments that will bring you closer and excite you.

How to Make Love Well

Rule Number 1: Be Mutually Respectful

Making love is above all sharing a moment of intense intimacy with his or her partner. One of the most important rules is therefore to be in a relationship of mutual respect, where both people feel confident and at ease. Making love also means being able to communicate about one’s desires and to take into account those of the other, without ever imposing anything. You have to make sure that respect and consent remain an integral part of the act: keep this in mind if you want to try new things. So listen to each other when you have sex. Making love should be enjoyable, fun, and exciting for both partners. Com-mu-ni-ca-tion is the key!

The Preliminaries: Quesaco?

When we talk about making love, we still too often think of the act of penetration, practiced by heterosexual couples and which serves the reproduction of the species (yes, said like that, it loses a bit of its sexy!). But before arriving at this stage of penetration, there is a whole range of caresses and preliminaries which announce the act and come to increase the excitement. For women in particular, foreplay is essential! They allow the lubrication of the vagina and make penetration much more pleasant when it takes place.

Ok, but foreplay, what exactly is it? A lot of things ! Caresses on the different erogenous zones of the body (including the genitals, but not only!), kisses, sweet — or raw — words whispered in the ear, or even naughty text messages sent during the day. Once in bed, foreplay often takes the form of mutual masturbation, or oral sex. The important thing is that they awaken pleasure in each partner and make YourLatinMates.Com the excitement grow. Not sure what would please (and moan with pleasure) your partner? Why not ask him the question directly? And if both of you haven’t quite tamed the other’s body yet, you can always set off on an exploration together in the vast land of pleasure. The complicity will increase the sexual tension a little more. All beneficial.

And After The Preliminaries? – Make Love Well

To know how to make love well in real life, there is not so much magic recipe and all indicated to follow for a systematic orgasmic pleasure. We often have in mind that penetration is the ultimate act of “making love”. But penetration, and even more so in some couples, is not an end in itself. The idea that the sexual act ends as soon as the penetration has taken place and the man has enjoyed is fortunately no longer relevant! For some couples, foreplay can be the bulk of their lovemaking. In terms of sexuality too, tastes differ.

However, in the case where there is penetration, there are necessarily some basic rules to follow so that making love remains pleasant for everyone:

  1. Lubrication: before penetrating your partner, make sure that sufficient lubrication takes place. Also, make sure your partner is turned on! The tension must be at its peak at this time.
  2. Pay attention to your partner to see if you are not hurting him, or if the position adopted is comfortable.
  3. Go at a pace that works for both of you. While some people enjoy big, jerky thrusts, others prefer a gentler, slower pace. Again, communicate to find out what would please your partner!
  4. Love is made in twos: stay attentive to each other, and present at all times. If your partner does something you don’t like, just tell them. You both deserve to have fun!
  5. Did you know ? The G-Spot, supposed to be inside the vagina, is actually a myth. For women, stimulating the clitoris during penetration would therefore lead to orgasm more quickly.

Rather Vanilla or Ginger? – Make Love Well

Making love must remain an act of shared intimacy that brings pleasure to both partners. Today there are thousands of different ways to love and feel good. Tenderness and communication are essential for some people. Hugs, sweet words, long loving gazes eye to eye are also part of what “making love” covers. Others will be more aroused by different practices, and will have different fantasies. The imagination can play an important part in the act of making love, so be creative if you feel like it! And if you are curious and want to explore the different ways of giving yourself pleasure (and reaching seventh heaven!), know that there are a plethora of different sex toys to satisfy you.

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Did you remember everything well? So we hope you have a clearer (and ultimately personal) idea of ​​what “making love well” means, for you and for your favorite playmate.

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